Combat Theology, a new book, is available for download now.

Combat Theology: How to Weaponize and De-Weaponize a Religion by Cassidy S. Dale is available free for download here.

From the first chapters:

Why do people kill or persecute for God and consider it a virtue?

The answer is that they’ve adopted a combat theology. A combat theology is a sequence of assertions that together argue that God’s will, plan, or people are in jeopardy because of the actions of evil people.

To create a combat theology is to weaponize a religion.

To weaponize a religion is a sin.

This book shows how an evil thing is done and how to stop it when you see it. This book outlines four major ways people weaponize their religions, and starting places for how you can counter each way.

This book is meant to do three things:

To provide early warning, to show how combat theologies are created so you can recognize when one is being created and adopted.

• To inoculate you against being seduced by a combat theology by showing you how one is created.

To equip “spiritual first responders”—ministers, journalists, community leaders, commentators, and opinion leaders—to understand and counter combat theologies.

Read the rest here.


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